Torah Topics

Gemorah Gems, excerpts from Dial-A-Daf
      Short Audio Clarifications and Sections from the Gemorah

Mah Enosh - Reflections on the Relationship between Judiasm and Humanism
    Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein

What Language Did the Jews Speak In Egypt - 35 minutes
    Matis Sklar

Chulin 11- Rov
    Rabbi Yitzchak Isbee

Quantum Physics and Pesach Cleaning
    Zvi Ben-Shalom

Everything I need to know, I learned from Noah's Ark

Some Thoughts About Life
    Wayne Kleinman

Sages of Pirkei Avos - by Rabbi Yaacov Haber 
(16 unedited lectures, transcribed from memory Motzi Shabbos)
- one zip  of doc files
Elazer ben Aruch
Eliezer ben Hurkanis - Part 1
Eliezer ben Hurkanis - Part 2
Yehoshua and Gamliel
Rabbi Akiva
Akavia ben Mahalel
Rebbi Chanina
Rabbi Chanina ben Tradyon
Rabbi Shimon ben Yochai
Nechuniah ben Hakanah
Rabbi Yaakov
Rebbe Meir
Chaninah Ben Dosa
Rabbi Elazar of Modai
Rabbi Akiva - Part 1
Rabbi Akiva - Part 2