The Bird, My Symbol

Shayna Lane

The symbol of a bird represents who I truly am in many different ways.
Just as a bird, such as an eagle, seems to represent freedom,
I am a very free-spirited person of sorts. 
I love the freedom to choose what to do or what not to do. 
I feel no chains holding me down, and try to soar to my greatest heights. 

I also have a special love for music, which a song-bird possesses. 
I love to sing too. 
Each tune or melody has a different ring to my ears.
Each one touches my heart in a different way. 
Sometimes I’m like an owl, since I love the night. 
My inner self crawls out of the darkness and flies past the moon. 
I inhale the freshness of the evening,
and feel the coolness of the breeze. 

A colorful parrot symbolizes the times when I am colorful with creativity. 
At times, I feel bewildered, and swept into the crowd,
feeling foolish copying others just to get by,
like a parrot mimicking and copying others’ speech. 
When I am bullied and taken advantage of,
I feel like a tiny sparrow,
searching for its mother. 
When proud and feeling assured,
I am a condor spreading out its wings to show its power. 
When trying to bring good to others,
I am a blue-jay
bringing good luck to the local farmer’s crops. 
As I continue to sing my melody,
I am the nightingale in some Chinese paradise,
singing to a long-forgotten king. 
All these birds symbolize my many characteristics and personalities,
and combine to make up who I really am.