Oh both in times of joy and pain
I know deep inside You're the Creator
I can sense the things You do
Because my soul's attached to You
I sometimes wonder who and where You are

The things you are for my gain
Yes having trust in You, there's nothing greater
The space from You to me
Is what allows me to be free
You sometimes seem so close and yet so far

Oh You are one,
What can compare with all the wonders that You've done?
Oh You are one,
You made a cosmos with a trillion blazing suns,
Oh You are one,
You love the world just like a father loves his son,
Oh it is clear that You are One.

You care about the things we do
You give us feedback that can teach us
You've let us know
The many ways that we can grow
Gave guidelines that we should be mindful of

The goal is being close to You
To open up our hearts to let You reach us
If we do the things we should
And can express our gratitude
We'll feel the boundless bounty of Your love