We've Only Just Begin

We’ve gone a long, long way
And we’ve done it day by day
So much we’ve done, we’ve shaped the things to come
Oh we’ve made bright the night
And changed the darkness into light
And what is more, we’ve only just begun 

There was no wall too tall
We climbed them one and all
And it’s because, we had to get it done.
Oh we had dreams that we followed
That were ‘bout a bright tomorrow
What is more, we’ve only just begun 

Oh yes and - we all knew we had to do our part
We did and - we jumped in and did it with our heart
It’s true and - we were well aware what were the stakes
Oh yes and - we were all prepared to do – just what it takes 

Oh we made wings to fly
Flew high up in the sky
And we went forth, just like the rising sun
Oh you can see the growing
From the seeds that we’ve been sowing
What is more, we’ve only just begun (2) (A-Scat) Oh yes…