(Am) Although we're (D) materi(Am)al
(Am) Oh there's a (D) part that is (Am) ethereal
(Am) And (C) that's the (D) part of us (C)called the (Am) soul (D) (G)
(Am) Though it seems (D) beyond (Am)us
(Am) Oh its (D) effects are all (Am) around us
(Am) But (C) we don't (D) know much (Em) about it (Am) all (D) (Em)

(Am) Heaven help (C) us (G) come (Am) alive
(Am) Oh help (D) revive our sleeping (Am) soul inside
(Am) Heaven help (C) us, (G) oh show our (D) spirit the (Am) way (D) (G)
(Am) Heaven help (C) us (G) to be (Am) strong
(Am) And help (D) us see and choose what's (Am) right from wrong
(Am) Heaven help (C) us, (G) 'cause we have feet of (Am) clay (D) (Em)

(Am)When we are barb(D)ari(Am)ans
(Am)Oh life is (D)cheapened for(Am) everyone
(Am)Drag(C)ging our (D)soul through the (C)mud and (Am)dirt (D) (G)
(Am)Our soul can be (D)clean and (Am)bright
(Am)Instead of (D)filthy and (Am)dark as night
(Am)If (C)we only knew (D)what it's (Em)really (Am)worth (D) (Em)


(Am)There's joy and it's (D)mighty (Am)deep
(Am)Oh when our (D) spirit is (Am) not asleep
(Am)We (C)sense our (D)source in the (C)uni(Am)verse (D) (G)
(Am)These things can (D)mysti(Am)fy
(Am)Perhaps we'll (D)get a chance to (Am)testify
(Am)If (C)we have (D)made things (Em)better or (Am)worse (D) (Em)