(C)Little Shayna (E)wakes in the night
(A)Her parents say it's gonna be alright
(D)She goes back to sleep (G)cuddled by the people she (C)loves, (G)

(C)Some years later on her (E)wedding day
(A)Her new man Dovid gives the ring and says
(D)It's sure good to be (G)here with all the people we (C)love

(E)Then comes the babies one two three
(A)Bouncing and gurgling on their knees
(D)It's not all easy but they have you see
(G)All their friends and family

(C)Oh things may come and (E)things may go
(A)But one thing will never change we know
(D)We'll always need to (G)be with people we (C)love (A) oh, oh
(D)We'll always need to (G)be with people we (C)love, (G)