(AM)When I was young, oh I looked up to (DM)my dad straight and (AM)true
He (DM)always did just (AM)what he said, and (E)taught us well the simple truths
He'd (AM)often sit me down to say "you're (DM)life's in front of (AM)you"
And (DM)this is what he (AM)said (E)to (AM)me

(AM)Oh always walk with modesty
and (DM)always talk with honesty
(AM)Treating all respectfully
and (E)with complete integrity
(AM)All deserve sincerity
and (DM)good old generosity
(AM)That is something (E)wanted from (AM)above

(AM)And through the years my fathers words have (DM)stood the test of (AM)time
The (DM)most essential (AM)qualities are (E)being honest, just, and kind
There's (AM)nothing more important that a (DM)spirit true and (AM)fine
I (DM)think of what he (AM)said (E)to (AM)me.


(AM)Oh there are many people that we (DM)meet along the (AM)way
And (DM)we should help each (AM)other out as (E)we go through each precious day
My (AM)dad taught being straight with others (DM)is the only (AM)way
Yes (DM)this is what he (AM)taught (E)to (AM)me