(Am)Oh life's a journey, and the (Dm)weather can get rough
(G)Got to keep on going, (Am)even when it's tough
(Am)We'll be glad we did, when (Dm)things are looking up
(G)And we can do it if we (Am)try

(Am)Oh there are times when we are (Dm)struggling through the night
(G)It isn't easy as we're (Am)waiting for the light
(Am)Just keep on holding on, (Dm)we'll see the morning bright
(G)And we can do it if we (Am)try

(Am)On all occasions, (Dm)all situations
(G)We've got to do our best to show - (Am)determination
(Am)They're lots of times we got to (Dm)act with lots of patience
(G)And we can do it if we (Am)try

(Am)Some times our days are full, (Dm)could use a little rest
(G)When we're confronted by (Am)another of life's tests
(Am)Got to reach inside, for (Dm)strength to do our best
(G)And we can do it if we (Am)try

(Am)Got to take the time to (Dm)heal a heart that breaks
(G)Got to find a way to (Am)take away the aches
(Am)Got to persevere and (Dm)do just what it takes
(G)And we can do it if we (Am)try


(Am)Oh when it comes to strength, (Dm)you've really got a lot
(G)And it's within your heart, to (Am)give it all you've got
(Am)You've got to be prepared, to (Dm)give it your best shot
(G)And you can do it if you (Am)try

(Am)This song is written for the (Dm)people round the earth
(G)Who might be feeling bad, who (Am)might be feeling hurt
(Am)You got to know you're precious, (Dm)that's how much that you are worth
(G)And you can make it if you (Am)try