(C)Oh we built ourselves a house in Jerusalem
(F)It was a mighty place to (C)see
(C)People came from miles around to pray
(G)Oh it was the place to be
(C)But we weren't good and they knocked it down
(F)They roughed us up and told us to go
(C)But after 70 years we (G)heard
(G)Please come (C)home, (F)come back (G)home

(C)So we built it up again and we thanked the Lord
(F)For another four hundred (C)years
(C)But we didn't treat each other the way we should
(G)So again we had to leave it in tears
(C)As we wandered the globe we missed it so
(F)But we never gave up hope
(C)Always waiting to hear the (G)call
(G)To please come (C)home, (F)come back (G)home

(C)Every Friday night we gather in our homes
(F)For Shabbos with the (C)family
(C)Around the table with the lights and the kiddush wine
(G)It's like a mini Temple you see
(C)But there's something missing cause we're all not here
(F)Sharing in the Shabbos so
(C)Oh we welcome you to (G)join us
(G)Please come (C)home, (F)come back (G)home