(D) We wake up, get (C)ready, and we're (D)off on our way
(C) Moving, (G)learning, (D)working, and play
(D) There's one thing we (C)got to keep in (D)mind every day
(C) You got to be an (G)honest (A)man

(D) If you ever feel (C)dishonesty (D)arising in you
(C) You better (G)make sure (D) that what you're saying is true
(D) Cause people are (C)affected by the (D)things that we do
(C) You got to be an (G)honest (D) man

(D ) Sometimes the (C)only way to (D)know what is right
(C) Is thinking, (G)asking, (D) looking inside
(D) Then when we (C)act at least we (D)know that we tried
(C) You got to be an (G)honest (A)man

(D) The main thing that's (C)always so (D)important to know
(C) Is being (G)honest (D) wherever we go
(D) It's something we (C)got to teach our (D)kids as they grow
(C) You got to be an (G)honest (D)man