JSP and Servlet Techniques

Simple JSP's and Servlets
Servlet That Displays It's Initial Parms From web.xml
JSP and Servlet That Reads a File / Writes a File
Getting Servlet Version Info
JSP That Reads and Displays a Properties File
JSP That Shows Current CLASSPATH
A JSP That Shows The Current System Properties
Separating Log Messages
Formatting a Java Traceback in a JSP
Displaying Specific 'Error' Pages for Specific Errors
Persistence with The Session Object

Sample Code for Java Messaging Service (JMS)
Using JSP to report the progress of a Process that Runs Slowly
JSP That Brings Up an Excel Spreadsheet
Setting and Getting Cookies
Using Javascript to Redirect from one Web page to Another
How To Tell If The Session is New
Servlet Mappings
Sharing Data Between Servlets

Java JVM & Unix
What Classes the JVM is Loading From Where
Java args
Java -D Tracing
How to Get a Unix Thread Dump
Executing Unix Commands in a JSP and Displaying The Output in the Browser