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http://www.torahcafe.com - Video Lectures
http://www.nasck.org/nichum - Videos about Comforting a Mourner
http://www.naaleh.com/ - Video Lectures
http://tvtorah.com/ - Video Lectures
http://www.torahanytime.com/ - Video Lectures   List of Speakers
http://projectsinai.org/ - Video Lectures & More
http://www.divineinformation.com/ - Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi in English & Hebrew
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIlMBx8OPQA&list=SP0FA8227766E8EC2E  -
Rabbi Beryl Wein giving 3-5 minute videos on Jewish History
http://www.thesixconstantmitzvos.com/classlist.php?id=2 - 6 Constant Mitzvos - Emunah, etc.
http://www.hidabroot.org/ - Videos in Hebrew

http://www.yutorah.org/ - Audio shiurim  from Yeshiva University
http://www.mp3shiur.com/ - Thousands of audio shiurim
http://www.jhfweb.org/audio_shiurim.html - Thousands of audio shiurim
http://www.simpletoremember.com/media/ - Thousands of audio shiurim, some videos
http://www.kolhalashon.com/ - Mammoth collection of audio shiurim in English & Hebrew
http://www.ou.org/torah/index - Audios from the OU
http://www.onlineshiurim.org/ - Audio Lectures
https://aishaudio.com/ - Audio shiurim from Aish
https://aishaudio.com/classic_sinai/ - 26 Jewish free mp3 classes for the curious mind


http://www.dafyomi.org/ - Page of Daf, plus audio from Rav Grossman

http://hebrewbooks.org/shas - Clear pictures of pages from Shas

http://dafyomi.co.il/ - Daf Yomi from Israel Kollel, includes notes on each daf
http://dafhachaim.com/ - Video Daf preceded by 1 minute intro and followed by 5 minute review
http://livedaf.net/ - Video Daf Yomi
http://hadafhayomi.co.il/ - Video Daf Yomi in 5 languages, plus more
http://www.yutorah.org/daf.cfm - Daf Yomi from YU
http://www.halakhah.com/ - Soncino Talmud in English (look on bottom of page for Mishnayot)

http://www.aish.com/ - Premier Jewish Site

http://www.torah.org/ - Torah Online
http://parsha.net// - Parsha Sheet Collected from the Internet
http://www.jhfweb.org/ - Thousands of online shiurim and more

http://theyeshiva.net/ - Torah Online
http://www.simpletoremember.com/ - Judaism online
http://www.chabad.org/ - Lubavitch Website
http://www.neirot.com/ - Jewish Thought & Inspiration
http://breslov.org/ - Breslov bookstore, free audios and videos
http://www.breslev.co.il/ - Breslev videos, essays, music, books from Israel
http://www.jewfaq.org/ - Basic Judiasm Information
http://ohr.edu/ - Ohr Someach
http://www.dinonline.org/ - Ask The Rabbi
http://www.myjewishlearning.com/ - Judiasm Q&A's
http://www.yeshiva.co/ - Torah site from Beit El, Israel Hebrew
http://www.webyeshiva.org/ - Attend Live Yeshiva Classes
http://www.tanach.org/ - Shiurim on Chumash and Navi by Menachem Leibtag
http://www.beureihatefila.com/ - Understanding The Words, Structure, and Development of the Siddur
http://halachipedia.com/ - Halacha Wiki
http://realbiblecodes.com/ - Scientific Site on Bible Codes
http://noahide.net/- Universal Noahide Laws for all Mankind

Learning Partners & Connecting
http://www.theshabbosproject.org/ - South Africa/Worldwide Shabbos -  https://www.facebook.com/theshabbosproject
http://www.partnersintorah.org/ - Learn with a partner over the phone 30-45 minutes a week
http://www.kiruv.com/ - Project Inspire - Inspire Yourself by Inspiring Others
http://www.chavrusahmatch.com/ - Find your Chavrusa match
http://ncsy.org/ - Synagogue Youth Groups
http://ayelethashachar.org/ - Reaching Out From Within

Books & Links

http://hebrewbooks.org/ - Over 50,000 Classical Hebrew Books for Free Download
http://www.jewish-e-books.com/- Jewish E-Books 
http://4torah.com/ - Search millions of Torah Web Pages
http://www.mechon-mamre.org/ - Tanach &  Rambam in English & Hebrew and more
http://www.otzar.org/otzaren/indexeng.asp - 62,000 Judaica Books Digitized, Online or CD
http://www.webshas.org/ - English Index to the Talmud
http://www.virtualgeula.com/- Resource for Finding Jewish Books
http://www.lehmanns.co.uk/ - Jewish Bookstore that ships Worldwide
http://jkuperman.com/ - Hundreds of Links to Jewish Sites from Rabbi Jeff Kuperman
http://puretorah.com/links.php - Links to Torah Websites
http://www.jr.co.il/hotsites/j-torah.htm - List of Torah sites from Jacob Richman