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http://www.touristisrael.com/ - Israel Travel Guide
http://www.israeltraveler.org/ - Israel Travel Guide (with Smart Maps)
http://www.goisrael.com/ - Israel Travel Guide
http://www.govisitisrael.com/ - Israel Travel Guide
http://www.gemsinisrael.com/archive.html - Israel Travel Guide
http://www.kkl.org.il/eng/ - Parks of Jewish National Fund
http://www.parks.org.il/ - Israel Parks Department Site
http://www.galiltour.co.il/ - Galilee Guide with 28 Tour Ideas
http://www.this-is-galilee.com/ - Galilee & Northern Israel Guide
http://www.tiuli.com/ - Israeli Touring (Hebrew)    English Version
http://ilmuseums.com/ - Israel Museums
http://www.zimmeril.com/ - Vacation Guest Houses in Israel (English)
http://www.zimmer.co.il/ - Vacation Guest Houses in Israel (Hebrew)
http://artzeinu.co.il/ - Tours in Israel
http://www.hoffmantours.com/ - Tours in Israel
http://www.ashdot.info/ - Jeeping and Rapelling
http://www.rafting.co.il/ - Jordan River Park Rafting (Hebrew)
http://www.reefdivinggroup.co.il/eng/ - Scuba Diving in Tel Aviv and Eilat
http://allaboutjerusalem.com/ - Jerusalem Travel Guide
http://www.gojerusalem.com/ - Jerusalem Travel Guide
http://www.jercity.com/eng/ - Jerusalem Travel Guide
http://www.funinjerusalem.com/ - Activities in the Jerusalem Area
http://www.archpark.org.il/ - Jerusalem Archeological Park
http://www.gush-etzion.org.il/tourism1.asp - Things to do in Gush Etzion
http://israelcelebrationtours.com/ - Israel Tourist Guide
http://my-country-israel.com/ - Israel Tourist Guide
http://planitisrael.com/ - Helps Plan Trips to Israel
http://www.adventure-israel.com/ - Adventures in Israel - Rappeling, Hiking, Mountain Biking
http://www.bus.co.il/otobusim/Front2007/HomePage.asp?LanguageTID=en&Design=2007- Bus & Train Information 

http://www.eluna.com/ - Kosher Goods and Services in Israel
http://www.restaurants.co.il/ - Israel Restaurants
http://www.kosherinjerusalem.com/ - Kosher In Jerusalem

http://www.rami-levy.co.il/ - Online Grocery Shopping (Hebrew)
http://www.shufersal.co.il/ - Online Grocery Shopping (Hebrew)
http://www.mega.co.il/ - Online Grocery Shopping (Hebrew)
http://www.edenteva.co.il/ - Online Grocery Shopping (Hebrew)
http://supermart.co.il/ - Online Grocery Shopping - Bet Shemesh Area
http://mymakolet.com/ - Online Grocery Shopping - Jerusalem/Bet Shemesh Area
http://www.super-pharm.co.il/ - Online Drug Store (Hebrew)
http://www.zap.co.il/ - Cheapest prices of products in Israel (Hebrew)
http://www.kamaze.co.il/ - Compare prices of products & services in Israel (Hebrew)
http://www.yad2.co.il/ - Buy & sell things in Isreal (Hebrew)
http://www.olx.co.il/ - Online ads for things in Israel (English)
http://www.jcpns.com/ - Jerusalem Coupons
http://www.israelmalls.net/ - Details About Israeli Malls    http://www.kenyonim.com/    (Hebrew site)

Business & Jobs
http://www.businesslist.co.il/ - Search 82,000 businesses in Israel
http://israel-business.dundb.co.il/ - Directory of Businesses in Israel
http://israel21c.org/ - Israel Innovation & Business
http://www.start-ups.co.il/ - Guidance for Israel Startups
http://mappedinisrael.com/ - Map showing startups in Israel
http://www.ourcrowd.com/- Invest in Israeli startups with John Medved, need at least $10,000
http://www.jobs-israel.com/ - Jobs in Israel
http://www.israeljobs77.com/ - Jobs in Israel
http://www.alljobs.co.il/ - Jobs in Israel (Hebrew)
http://www.drushim.co.il/ - Jobs in Israel (Hebrew)

http://eng.netzah.org/ - Information about towns and institutions of Israel
http://www.janglo.net/ - Israel's Largest English Online Community
http://www.zionism101.org/ - Series of 20 Videos on the History of Zionism
http://www.science.co.il/ - Collection of Links about Israel
http://lifeinisrael.blogspot.co.il/ - Blog about life in Israel by Rafi Goldmeier from Ramat Bet Shemesh
http://www.nbn.org.il/ - Nefesh B'Nefesh site, with information about communities, employment, education, etc.

http://www.rabanut.co.il/ - Website for Israel Rabbanut (Hebrew)

http://www.in-hebrew.co.il/ - Learn Hebrew Phrases - from Jacob Richman
http://unitedwithisrael.org/ - Global Movement for Israel

http://timeout.co.il/ - Cultural Events in Israel (Hebrew)

http://www.sizedoesntmatter.com/ - Trendy Cultural Israel

http://www.tel-aviv-insider.com/ - Tel Aviv Insider

http://www.minchasshlomo.org/ - Collect Boxes of Clothing for Israeli Poor
http://natureisrael.org/ - Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel
http://www.teva.org.il/ - Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (Hebrew)
http://thesamaritanupdate.com/ - Internet Newsletter regarding the Samaritan-Israelites
http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/ - Information about Israel
http://israeleasy.blogspot.com/ - List of recommended services in Israel for English speakers
http://www.shilohisraelchildren.org/ - David Rubin's Shiloh Israel Children Fund
Bus and Train schedules that pass through Beit Shemesh