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Getting Through The Tough Times
Find the resources to persevere during tough times, by seeing that our challenges are tailor made for us as opporunities to enable us to improve our soul. Eight short chapters, with vignettes that illustrate the ideas.
Also available for Kindle and as a Word file

Listen to 38 songs that Akiva wrote and sings.  
Download the album 'Remembering'

Also https://www.youtube.com/user/akivasongs/videos
Navi - The Upcoming Movie
David is very deep and creative, but also someone shy.  When his Navua is thrust on him, he doesn’t know what to do.  When he finds he has these extra powers, and Rabbi Shimon says that he’s obligated to listen to his dreams, he proceeds gallantly but with caution.
Consciousness & Vibrations
We live in two worlds. Most obviously, we live in a physical world that is measured by the four dimensions of height, width, depth, and time - a world that is populated by the things we see and touch. But we also live in a second world that is not physical - the world of vibrations and consiousness. (Also as CAV.doc )
The Cosmic Connection
We explore 'clues' that suggest what the 'other' 7 dimensions are - clues in Tzitzit, the objects in the Temple, and the Shema.  We suggest that the middle arm of the Menorah and the blue string of the Tzitzit represent our Cosmic Connection to the source of Creation.

Akiva's Youtube Channel

Jewish Karma Bank Account (English)

Jewish Karma Bank Account (Hebrew - חשבון בנק קארמה יהודי )

Iran in the Talmud - Iran is German's brother, and there will be a big war between Iran and the West

The Time is Now - for all Jews to do Tshuva, for protection.

How to fall asleep easily.

Take it in Stride - song

Akiva & Yehuda Lane performing 3 songs at Akiva's Siyum

Parsha - Weekly Torah Portion
Essays on the weekly Torah portion.  

Soul Strings - Beating the Barbarian with the Six Non-Physical Dimensions of Superstring Theory
The Religious, Scientific, and Barbaric philosophies wage war for man's mind. Superstring Theory says the world has 10 dimensions. It can help the Relgious and Scientific philosphies defeat the Barbaric viewpoint.  Also available for Kindle.
Clue Books - Children's Adventure Story
Allie the Alien contacts teenagers Bobby and Judy Kramer using email.  Allie discovers a plot that can ruin their father's jewelry business.  Allie can't tell them the secret directly, but tells them they can discover the plot by reading six great children's books.

Tschuva - The Musical
A musical in 3 acts with 18 of Akiva's songs. David Kahn learns about Judaism from his friend Yossi and Yossi's father Rabbi Goldberg, in spite of their friend Barry's cynicism.  

Thinstand - Foldable Bookstand
The Thinstand is a rugged, patented, laminated bookstand that folds flat.  It tilts the book up to make reading easier, and you can use it as a bookmark to save your place!
Lookstand - Foldable Stand for Smart Phones and Tablets
The patent-pending Lookstand supports smart phones and tablets in the horizontal and vertical positions. It folds flat so your can carry it in your pocket.
Snow In Yerushalayim - December 12-13, 2013 - Ezrat Torah Neighborhood
Akiva took these pictures during the time that he and Miriam and their daughter Tova stayed for 3 days
when his son Eliyahu Simcha and his wife Sara had a baby boy.
Eflip Java Applet showing Biography of Elvis
Akiva wrote the Eflip Java Applet in the late 90's as a way of flipping through visual information.  
Here is a Biogrpahy of Elvis written by Lea Frydman demonstrating the Eflip Applet.
Grails & Groovy Tutorial
A tutorial on the powerful Rapid Applicaiton Development Framework called Grails.  It uses a superset of Java called Groovy, and lets you create a complete web application in minutes.
Java JSP's & Servlets
23 tips and  articles about Java Server Pages and Servlets.