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Educational Videos

http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/ - Thousands of Top Documentaries
http://documentarystorm.com/ - Thousands of Top Documentaries
http://documentary.net/ - The Documentary Network
http://www.ted.com/ - Riveting Talks by Remarkable People about Technology, Education & Design   Wiki On TED
http://www.eflip2.com/imax/ - Imax Movies
http://www.cosmolearning.com/ - Courses, Documentaries, Videos for Students and Teachers
http://video.answers.com/ - Videos from Answers.com
http://video.about.com/ - Videos about a great many things
http://www.howcast.com/Videos about How to do things

http://curious.com/ - Use Short Videos to Learn & Teach
http://www.youtube.com/pbs - PBS Youtube Channel

http://www.charlierose.com/ - Charlie Rose Interviews on PBS

http://ed.ted.com/ - Lessons Worth Sharing - from TED

http://www.lifesecretsonline.com/blog/category/movies/ - Short Inspirational Videos
http://www.simpletruths.com/movies.asp - Short Inspirational Videos

https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLaN5rTn9nUSIwqi0Fn9d0SJTWRzwNSWAj&v=W_Gi-wYpEMM -
The Story of the Internet in 4 Videos
http://smarthistory.khanacademy.org/ - Art History, including almost 500 videos
http://www.yourguitarworkshop.com/ - Free Guitar Lessons
Links to 100 Youtube Videos for Teachers (some links don't work anymore)

Educational Resources

http://www.learnnc.org/ - Teachources from North Carolina

http://www.w3newspapers.com/ - 1000's of Worldwide Newspapers and Magazines on the Web
http://www.unz.org/ - Magazines, Books, & Videos
http://www.dummies.com/ - Dummies - Based on the book series, make everything easier

http://dp.la/ - Digital Public Library of America - Archives from Libraries & Museums
http://www.arrowsmithschool.org/arrowsmithprogram/index.html - Strengthening Learning Capacities
http://www.starfall.com/ - Learn To Read With Phonics

http://www.freebooknotes.com/ - Search Engine for Book Notes and Study Guides

http://www.wikisummaries.org/Category:Summaries - Book Summaries

http://www.enotes.com/ - Study Resources
http://www.shmoop.com/ - Help for Students
http://www.flashcardexchange.com/ - Largest Flashcard Library
http://www.sosmath.comMath help
http://www.factmonster.com - Lots of Information
http://www.ihc.ucsb.edu/ - Interdisciplinary Humanities Center
http://www.smartteaching.org/blog/ - List of Links for Education
http://www.zaneeducation.com/Reources for Elementary Schools