Clue Books
by Akiva Lane
Illustrations by Wallace Ammet
An alien helps the Kramer family solve a mystery about stolen jewels by having them read 6 great kids books.

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We want to work with the copyright holders of the 6 clue books to publish one book with Clue Books & the 6 'clue books'

NOTE: We need to display the 6 clue-books to find a Literary agent and/or publisher, and this will benefit the six copyright holders.

The 6 'clue books'

1. Kings Fountain - Lloyd Alexander - EP Dutton, 1971 - out of print

2. The Empty Pot - Demi - Square Fish - 1996, Henry Holt, sold by Macmillan

3. The Lost Kingdom of Karnica - Richard Kennedy - Atheneum - 1979 - out of print

4. Mr. Tamarin's Trees - Kathryn Ernst - Random House - 1976 - out of print

5. Mirette on the High Wire - Emily Arnold McCully - Puffin Books - 1997 - GP Putnam, sold by Penguin Random House, owned by Pearson/Bertelsmann

6. The Seeing Stick - Jane Yolen - Running Press - 2009 - owned by Perseus Press, owned by Hachette

NOTE: First read Clue Books, and then re-read it, reading each 'clue book' when it is mentioned in the main Clue Books story.