Some Thoughts about Life
Wayne Kleinman  

Life is what we are given; it's what we do with it that matters.

Every dawn is the birthday of our world.  Every morning we open our eyes is a miracle of renewal.  It's the first day of the rest of our lives.  When we awaken let us take a few moments to take stock in our life and thank G-d for what we have.  Let us affirm to make this day count.

We should not be so envious over what our neighbors have that we fail to see our own fortunes.  We may know what they own, we cannot know how they feel or what problems they have.

Let's not make immediate judgments on first sight.  Sometimes the scraggliest bush yields the best fruit.

Do not feel you are so much better than someone else is.  Do not fear someone else is so much better than you are.  We are all G-ds' children, made in G-ds' image.

If an "expert" told us butterflies are deadly, rather than have an inordinate lifetime fear of butterflies we should consult another expert.

There is no need to tell the world how "great" you are; your actions would show them.  Some people who are at the top of their profession are the humblest most non-assuming people.

We should not worry about what may go wrong: instead we should think about what will go right.

We should not worry about things we can't control.

We should not think so much about death that we fail to embrace life.

Most of us know (or could easily find out) the exact moment of our birth.  What if we knew (or could easily find out) the exact moment of our death.  Would we want to?  Would we live life differently?

Since we know life is finite we should use our time wisely.

Ago passed and is gone forever, it cannot be recaptured, and it cannot be changed: What we do
Now matters.

Now is a good time to say a kind word to someone, to do an unsolicited act of kindness, to perform a mitzvah.

We should treat everyone with utmost respect.  A careless remark, one even said in jest cannot be recanted.  The harm is done, the remark remembered.

What if the last remark (said in a fit of anger) we made to someone (a friend or relative) became the last remark we could ever say to them.  How would we feel?

Before we try to change the world let's try to change ourselves (though sometimes changing the world might seem easier).

We should not only pray for miracles (being alive is the biggest miracle); instead we should pray that G-d gives us the strength and courage to face whatever life brings our way.