Prozdor Divrei Torah

Kehilas Prozdor is proud to make its weekly D'var Torah sheet prepared by Rabbi Leibie Sternberg available to the public on the World Wide Web. Every week there will be a new edition available for that week's Parshah. Please feel free to view, download or print them; distribute them in shul; say the Divrei Torah at the Shabbos table!

These Divrei Torah are distributed in Adobe Acrobat format and MicroSoft Word (for the PC) format.

Adobe Acrobat documents are viewable and printable on most platforms, using the Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download the Reader, click here get Adobe Acrobat.

MicroSoft Word is available for the Macintosh and all Windows platforms. To get MicroSoft Word visit your software retailer or the MicroSoft web site.

Please also visit for a worthwhile undertaking !.

To get the current Kehilas Prozdor Divrei Torah in Adobe Acrobat format, click the next to the issue; If you wish to receive it regularly via E-Mail in MicroSoft Word format or as a PDF please send a message to Rabbi Sternberg with your request below, under comments and feedback.

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