Navi is the story of David Stein from Stamford, Connecticut.  David is from a secular background, graduating from Yale undergraduate and law school.  Before starting his job, he goes on a Birthright tour of Israel. After an accident, he is forced to spend several months recupperating in Israel.  During this time, he starts learning at Aish Hatorah, and slowly becomes religious.  

After getting married and learning for several years, David gets his first Navua (communication from the Almighty).  He finds he has been given several powers, such as the ability to split water and to levitate in the air, as well as being able to see somewhat into the future.

The Almighty sends him on a mission, first to America and then back to Israel.  What is this mission, do people listen to him? Who responds positively, who is against him?  What miracles does he perform?  It's an exciting plot, sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats until the exciting conclusion.
Akiva Lane worked on the plot outline with Nachman Seltzer, who will write the future book. Akiva has been talking to a successful movie producer about the project.  The next step is to work with one of the main film-makers from Aish, who made the tremendously successful Aish videos Google Exodus and Rosh Hashana Rock Anthem with over 2 million views each. Akiva and Nachman will work with this film-maker to refine the plot to make sure that it has the greatest possible effect.  Then the film script and novel will be written. 
Navi has the potential of teaching the concept of Tshuva to a very wide audience in an exciting format. Rabbi Yaakov Haber from Ramat Bet Shemesh has agreed to lead a Haskama committee to make sure everything in the story is Hallachacly and Hashkafacly correct.  We have already reached out to one of the major 'yeshivish' Poskim in America, who didn't have any objections to the story as it is now.